Cola: The Backstory


Marc Canter founded Interface, Inc. in the Fall of 2014, focusing on IoT authoring tools. In December of 2014, Canter introduced David Temkin and Mike McEvoy to each other and a new product vision was born for a messaging platform called Cola. In 2015 Canter hired David Temkin and Michael McEvoy and together the three pivoted Interface to this new direction with Canter taking the role of Chairman, Temkin taking the role of CEO, and McEvoy taking the role of COO. Canter, Temkin, Fenton, and McEvoy collaborated to create the initial Cola product vision, patent, and technology. Canter left interface in 2015.


Jamie Fenton co-founded Interface, Inc. along with Marc Canter in the Fall of 2014. She and Canter created Interface’s prototype of an IoT authoring tool called ThingFace. When Canter, McEvoy, and Temkin pivoted Interface, Ms. Fenton then created Cola’s prototype of its Messaging App platform. Ms. Fenton left Interface (which later became Cola) in 2015.