Cola Bubble Hackathon Roundup

We hosted the first Cola Bubble Hackathon at Impact Hub in San Francisco. The goal of this event was to enable people to develop full-blown Cola Bubbles on their own. By the end of the night, people were successfully demonstrating things running in bubbles, in Cola.

The crowd was a cross-section of people from students to developers at large companies. There were full-stack developers, front-end developers, as well as beginners.

The emphasis was on learning and having fun. By the end of the night people were showing off some really cool and useful things. That’s pretty amazing considering many people had zero experience with the BDK, or Cola for that matter.

Following are some of the highlights of the night.

BDK on Windows

Up until now, all the bubbles in Cola were developed on a Mac. While the BDK is built on cross-platform technologies, we’ve never tested on Windows. A couple attendees were on Windows and they were able to get the BDK running on their systems as well as functioning bubble code (e.g. Hello World) running on their iPhones.

Making Connections

Some of the attendees focused on connecting to APIs and outside services such as PubNub and Firebase. Getting these pieces working now enables them to do some incredible things in the future.


We didn’t set the expectation that anyone would build a complete bubble, but we were pleasantly surprised to see many did. I wasn’t able to see everyone’s work, but I did capture some on video (see clips).

A couple standouts…

Chuck Norris Joke Bubble Evidently, there is such a thing as the Chuck Norris API. So now, there is a Cola Bubble that lets you add Chuck Norris jokes to your conversations.

Coin Flip Why leave decision-making up to the group? Why not leave it up to fate? One team built a bubble that lets flip a coin and use heads or tails to make the decision for you.

Photos from the Night


Here are some videos of Cola Bubble demos we captured throughout the night.

Josh, from PubNub Demo


Chuck Norris Joke Bubble Demo



Coin Flip Bubble Demo

Firebase Bubble Demo