Why Did We Create the Cola Bubble Development Kit?

As messaging becomes your primary mode of communication, you start to discover sharing text, pictures, and movies isn’t enough. You begin to rely on your smartphone and texting to do more robust forms of communication like collaborating and making decisions.

The BDK is a platform to solve developers’ problems

That’s why we created the Cola Bubble Development Kit (aka BDK). Today’s messaging platforms only support simple communication modes, like sharing information. They don’t provide developers with a way to make the messages themselves more dynamic or actionable for the people using their apps. It’s like the stone age days of the web when all you had were text, pictures, and animated GIFs to work with.

Cola Messenger introduced the world to a new type of message called a Cola Bubble. It’s an interactive, app-like message. Instead of pogo-sticking in and out of different apps, you interact directly with a bubble while never leaving the thread. The BDK provides a way to build Bubbles that bring your service, API, or app directly into conversations.

Currently, there are 12 Cola Bubbles that do things like track a flight, schedule a meeting, and make a to do list. With the BDK, we expect to some amazing ones we’ve never thought of, and we’ve thought of a lot.

Start Building Your Bubble Today

The purpose of Cola and the Cola BDK is to truly deliver on the promise of messaging as a platform. If you’re developer and want take advantage of this massive shift in user behavior, start building a Bubble today.