Cola lives in the bubbles and the socials.

Announcing Cola 2.0

If you’ve been using Cola, you may have noticed some big changes to the user interface, and not just a change in color. Cola Messenger 2.0 is our biggest release ever and includes many new features driven by user feedback.

Tabbed Interface

The main view of Cola is divided up into 3 tabs for different contexts; Conversations, Bubbles, and Dashboard.

The Conversations tab makes it easy to find existing threads, start new ones, and invite contacts to get on Cola.

Send a Bubble
Some folks had trouble sending Bubbles, because it wasn’t obvious how to find them. Others wanted to know more about the functionality of each. So we’ve added the Bubbles tab to make it easier to discover and use them. You no longer need to start a conversation before sending a Bubble. In Cola 2.0 you can send a Bubble to start a conversation.

Bubble Dashboard
Frequent users of Bubbles wanted an easy way to find one without having to go back to the original thread. So we introduced the Bubble Dashboard. The Dashboard is accessible from the third tab on the main screen. It lets you view Bubbles you’ve sent or received in four contexts; recent, type, sender, and group.

The neat thing is, each Bubble is live. For example, say someone sent the Track My Flight Bubble. If that flight is still active, the Bubble will reflect the current flight’s status in the Dashboard view. Likewise, if a Bubble expires, like the Where Are You Now, it will appear as inactive.

The new Tabbed interface in Cola 2.0

The new Tabbed interface in Cola 2.0

The new Bubble Dashboard in Cola. 2.0

The new Bubble Dashboard in Cola. 2.0

The Conversations view on Cola 2.0

The Conversations view on Cola 2.0

The Send a Bubble tab in Cola 2.0

The Send a Bubble tab in Cola 2.0

International Support

Since we launched Cola, we’ve been getting request to bring the app to the rest of the world. Cola 2.0 is available worldwide with international support. You can download it from your country’s App Store and register using your mobile number.

 Who’s On Cola

Before, it wasn’t always easy to know if someone in your Contacts had Cola installed. Now, in the Conversations tab, you can scroll down and see “People on Cola.’ Contacts with an orange circle next to their name are Cola users. Those with a Green Circle, have been contacted via SMS with Cola. If they aren’t in that list, then send an invite.

We’ve made it easier to invite people you know to get Cola. Scroll down to the “Invite People” section. There you will see names from Contacts. Simply tap on the “Invite” button and they’ll receive a message about Cola and a link to download the app.

The Fast and Effective Way to Coordinate with Others

Only Cola Messenger lets you send live, interactive Bubbles designed to make it easier for others to respond quickly and accurately. Stop typing. Start tapping, and download Cola Messenger 2.0 today.

Group Texts as the Next Social Network

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The Future of Text Symposium

Brian Maggi  was invited on behalf of Cola to speak at the Future of Text Symposium on August 25, 2016 to present findings and predictions on the effects of texting on written and visual communication. The presentation, entitled “Bringing Structure to Realtime Conversations” is broken up into multiple blog posts. This first one, is about how texting […]

Cola Bubble Hackathon Roundup

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One less trip to the grocery store

Take less trips to the grocery store by creating collaborative shopping lists in Cola Messenger. We’ll show you how to create one.

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You’re invited to a Bubble Hackathon

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Announcing Cola Messenger 1.4

Two new bubbles and a way to make more bubbles: Track My Flight Let people know exactly when your flight is going to get in. This bubble from FlightStats automatically updates info from takeoff to landing. YouTube Bubble Say it better with video when you have access to YouTube’s massive library at your finger tips. […]

Big Emojis and New Bubbles for Cola Messenger 1.3

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Using Cola to Get Out the Vote

Use Cola Messenger as a mobile grassroots organization tool, and give your candidate a leg up on the competition. Use Cola to direct friends to polling places, get the election on calendars, and poll friends on their choices.

Announcing Cola Groups

From the beginning, Cola has been ideal for group texting. It’s even more group-friendly with the addition of the new groups feature. Add people to a group with their mobile number or right out of your phone contacts. You can build a group and send messages to its thread later.

Etiquette Alone Cannot Fix What’s Broken with Group Texting

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Kicking Things Off

Welcome reader to our new blog. This will be your source of information for everything Cola. We officially launched Cola into the App Store at midnight on March 10, 2016. And so far, so good. People seem to be digging it. It’s been 3 weeks and we continue to add new users every day. The folks who’ve been […]