Why Build a Cola Bubble?

Explaining Cola to people is never as effective as showing it to them. Whenever we demo it, people immediately get it. The next thing they do is suggest Cola Bubbles they’d like to see. In fact, some of the most popular bubbles were suggested by users, and not us.

The possibilities for Bubbles is endless, our ability to build them is not. We anticipated this upfront. Which is why we created the Bubble Developer Kit.

Why Build a Cola Bubble?

This post is the first of a series exploring different business cases for creating Cola Bubbles. For now, here’s a summary of 3 reasons:

Time to Market
Building a fully functional app is time-consuming. Once an app is designed and built, it still needs to go through the approval process of different app stores for every single release. Cola Bubbles are dynanmic, they do not have to be downloaded by the sender or the recipient.

Leverage Existing Skills
Cola Bubbles are based on React Native a framework for building native iOS or Android apps using JavaScript. This means you don’t have to know or hire someone who knows ObjectiveC or Swift to build bubble. You can leverage the broader talent base of web tech front-end developers.

Tap Into the Messaging Ecosystem
Messaging is becoming the primary mode of communication for major segments of the population. No other platform provides a way for developers to build a native, in-app experience that lives inside the message stream. Instead of adding messaging to your own app, your experience becomes an active participant in users’ conversations.

This is just the beginning. As we start to see more people build Cola Bubbles, we’ll uncover even more compelling reasons. Hopefully, you too, will think of some of your own.