Introducing the Cola Bubble Developer Kit

Since the beginning, we envisioned Cola as a platform, not just a messaging app. Our approach is to create the first messaging OS. This will provide all kinds of developers with ways to incorporate their solutions inside the messaging stream.

This is a powerful stuff for developers and users. For developers, your solution stays in the customers’ line of sight as an active part of the conversation. For users, they will not have to pogo-stick in and out of apps while trying to carry on a conversation.

Shipping the Cola Bubble Developer Kit, or BDK, completes this vision.

What is the BDK?

The BDK is a toolkit for building Cola Bubbles. It’s the same one we use internally to build the bubbles that ship with Cola Messenger. Cola Bubbles are built using a subset of React Native, a JavaScript-based framework for building native apps using the same fundamental UI building blocks as iOS and Android. Facebook is behind React Native, and you can read more about it on their website.

You can learn more about the BDK and get started building your own Cola Bubble today by checking out the following links:

Cola Bubble Hackathon

If you’re in or around San Francisco on Tuesday August 16, 2016, consider joining us for our first Bubble Hackathon. Sign up today, space is limited.