Using Cola to Get Out the Vote

Cola is a group texting app that can help organize and coordinate efforts to get out the vote faster and easier.

In this post, we will outline how you can become a mobile grassroots organizer and give your candidate a leg up on the competition using Cola to:

  • Direct friends to polling locations
  • Get the primary or election day on their calendars
  • Poll friends to make sure they are registered to vote,  who they are voting for, or if they already voted.

Before we start,  here’s what makes Cola a perfect companion to any Get Out the Vote campaign.

Cola Screenshot

It’s familiar

There’s nothing new to learn. If you’ve ever sent a text, then you already know how to use it. It’s like adding picture. Tap the “+” button, pick a bubble and send it. Instead of picking the lowest common denominator, you can go with a solution that works for everyone.

It's Famililar

Cola works and looks just like a group texting app.

Keeps things focused

One bubble can do the job of 10, 20 or dozens of texts all without leaving the app. Want to schedule a time that works for everyone? Send the “When Can You Meet” bubble. It lets you propose multiple times to pick from, and shows each recipient whether they’re available without having to look at a separate calendar app. Coordination made easy.

Gets to the point

You interact directly with Cola Bubbles, so it’s easier to ask and answer questions. The final decision is right there where everyone can see it.

Cola is available for free to download at the Apple App Store. If you want to use Cola with your friends just start a new group chat and add them from your contacts. Or simply send them to the App Store and contact them via Cola using their mobile number.


Following are 3 great ideas for how to use Cola in your Get Out the Vote efforts.

Find polling places to vote

The “Where Are You Now” bubble lets you search and pick a destination like a school, church, or community center. The sender and recipients of the bubble will see on a map the destination as well as their location and everyone else’s in the conversation.

Find a polling place.

You can send people locations on a map, and see where they are in relation to that spot.

Remember Election Day

Picking a specific time on voting day will help people remember to vote. Coordinating so other people go at the same time will encourage them to follow through. The “When Can We Meet” bubble lets you pick multiple time slots to send everyone. The group selects the ones that work best for them. The sender picks the final time, and everyone adds it to their calendar.

Pick a time to vote.

Everyone can select the times that work best for them.

Find out who has registered or voted

The “Quick Poll” bubble lets everyone in the thread cast their votes among multiple choices. Use it to ask people who they’re casting a ballot for, or keep it simple with a yes or no question like “did you vote?”.

I have voted

Let people know whether you have voted.

Ask anything with a poll.

Create a poll and ask everyone in the group anything you want.

If you’re taking part in any Get Out the Vote efforts, be sure to use Cola to make sure everyone exercises their right to vote.