Coordinate a Carpool in 2 Minutes

Here’s my idea of a crummy Saturday. My kid gets invited to a birthday party smack dab in the middle of the day. Better yet, it’s at one of those indoor trampoline places tucked away in some industrial park 20 minutes away.

I know she’ll have fun, but here are my best options. I could go home for 20 minutes and drive back, or loiter in some coffee shop for 2 hours. In the end, it’s not the driving I mind. It’s the gaping 2-3 hour hole of nothingness it creates in my day off.

That’s why I love the carpool. There’s less driving and idle time. It’s such a simple solution, it’s just coordinating them can feel like more effort than they’re worth. That’s where Cola comes in.

How to Coordinate a Carpool in 2 minutes

Send a Cola message offering to drive the kids to the party if someone can bring them home. To figure out who you need to pick up, just send a Quick Poll with the question, “Do you need a ride?” Simple a yes or no for choices makes it easy for everyone to answer.

Carpool coordinating with a simple yes or no Quick Poll.

Carpool coordinating with a simple yes or no Quick Poll.

Everyone’s name will appear under their choice when they make their selection. When it’s time to pick the kids up, just send the “Where Are You Now” bubble. This will help you find each rider, plus they can see where you are as well.

How you spend the rest of your afternoon is up to you.

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