Big Emojis and New Bubbles for Cola Messenger 1.3

This week we released version 1.3 of Cola Messenger. It’s the biggest update since our launch. There are new bubbles and features that you’ve got to check out.

Download Cola Messenger 1.3

New Bubbles & Features


Make your point by sending a big emoji. Simply enter a single emoji and send it. It’ll show up in the thread as a really big emoji.


Giphy Bubble

Search and send GIFs and animations from the popular Giphy collection inside any Cola conversations.

I’m On My Way Bubble

Let everyone in the thread know your current location for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. This bubble is similar to the Where Are You Now, but it only shows the sender’s location. It’s the fastest way to let everyone know your ETA.


Conference Call Bubble

There’s never been a faster way to make a conference call!

Start a call everyone can join with a single tap. This Cola Bubble let’s you create a free Uberconference call without requiring anyone to dial a phone number or enter a PIN. It’s like group speed dialing.


Anyone on the the thread can join the call. They can see if it’s active or ended, and the number of people currently on the call.

Already have an Uberconference account?

You can log in with your existing user name and password.

Download Cola Messenger 1.3