Etiquette Alone Cannot Fix What’s Broken with Group Texting

The Wall Street Journal ran a great article by Elizabeth Holmes about the love-hate relationship we have with group texting. The article retold war stories everyone can relate to. For the fix, she shared some group text tips from the Emily Post Institute. They were great tips, but seriously, etiquette alone isn’t enough.

Despite its tendency to spiral out of control, group texting is just too damn useful to avoid. At Cola, we realized some things were broken and we decided to fix them. Why? Because the only thing worse than being in a bad group text thread is being left out of a good one.

When I say group text is broken, I’m not whining about the insipid stuff. A quick Google image search on “group texting sucks” will result in hours of entertainment. Forget etiquette, just get new friends.

Here are some real issues we’ve seen first hand, followed by features in Cola designed to address them.

The Loaded Question

Asking a simple question like, “Where is everyone?” isn’t very easy to answer with text. The Cola Bubble, “Where Are You Now”, lets you ask the question with a map. For a response, people just tap and their current location appears to everyone on the thread.

The Non-stop Questions

You’re getting bombarded with questions. While you think of your answer, more keep coming. Your answer to question one looks like you’ve answered question 7. If someone uses a the Quick Poll bubble to ask “Which restaurant?”. You see the choices, and can tap directly on the choices you like.


Group texting is a great way to delegate. While it’s great when everyone is willing to help, it’s kind of awkward not knowing who will do what. The To-Do List makes it to share tasks with your thread. You can see when and who completes those tasks as they get checked off.

Learn more about Cola Bubbles here.

I bet everyone reading this has their own peeve that didn’t make the list. The next time you have to make plans, try using Cola. It will definitely help you get to the point faster.