How’s Your Weather? The latest Cola Bubble from The Weather Channel

We’re excited to announce version 1.1 of Cola Messenger. This update includes a new Cola Bubble called “How’s Your Weather?”,  the first Cola Bubble from The Weather Channel. It’s also the first Cola Bubble from a third-party developed using our upcoming SDK.

Now you can find out what the weather is like wherever your friends are. Simply send the How’s Your Weather? bubble and see the current conditions on a map. Tap the bubble, to go fullscreen and see the next 24-hour and 5-day forecast for everyone’s location.

Use this handy bubble to make plans, or simply to break the ice and start a conversation. It’s simple and fun to use.

With the How’s Your Weather? bubble, you can see all of the following without ever leaving your conversation:

  • Current weather conditions including temperature, humidity, and wind
  • Outlook for the next 24 hours
  • Forecast for the next 5 days

If you want to try out “How’s Your Weather?”, just download the latest version of Cola for free at iTunes.

Here’s how it works…

Tap the "+" to bring up the bubble picker and select "How's Your Weather?"

Tap the “+” to bring up the bubble picker and select “How’s Your Weather?”

Display everyone's weather wherever they are.

Display everyone’s weather wherever they are.


Tap a bubble to go fullscreen.


See the details for each location.